Tapas Tuna Egg Boats

Prep Time: 0:25
Cook Time: 0:00
Serves: 4

Ingredients / Shopping List

2 Hard-boiled eggs  for half an egg each

I small tin of tuna in oil drained well

I tablespoon fresh mayo from a jar

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

I clove garlic – peeled and grated

Few black olives (or stuffed olives) for decoration

Pinch of paprika spice for decoration 

Prep to Cook: pan, basin, fork, teaspoon   


1.  Prep the eggs:

First hard boil your eggs:

Place the eggs in a small pan so that each one touches the bottom

Cover the eggs with cold water and bring to the boil

Place on the hob and bring to the boil

When you hear the eggs tapping the bottom of the pan – time 10 minutes

Immediately drain and plunge the eggs into cold water to cool rapidly

Crack the shell and peel off the shell

Storing the shelled eggs in cold water until the fillings are made

2.  Prep the tuna filling:

Peel the garlic clove and then put it into a garlic press

Crush the garlic and add mayo and mix  

Open the tuna and drain off the oil (or brine) from the tin

 Scrape the tuna into the mayo and garlic mix and stir really well with a wooden spoon or fork

Add seasoning – salt and black pepper

Mash this mixture with a wooden spoon or fork until it becomes a paste

3.  Prep the egg boats:

Take the cold eggs and cut each one in half lengthwise with a sharp knife

Slice a tiny layer of the egg white off each half so that the eggs will stand without wobbling

Wet your hands and lightly take about a spoonful of mixture and form it into a ball shape

Pick up the egg boat and press the ball shape to cover the cut surface and yolk

Carefully shape the half egg and tuna to replicate a whole egg and put onto a flat serving dish

Slice a couple of olives into thin slices and use these to decorate the tuna surface

Place a teaspoon of smoked paprika onto a chopping board and using the blunt side of a knife

Tap the knife into the paprika and then touch the tuna mix to leave red stripes.

Check it out!

Remember to cook your eggs well.  Always allow 10 mins once they come to the boil and then plunge into cold water.  Hard boiled eggs are useful in the fridge for making sandwich fillings and pack lunches that are value for money.

Eggs and tuna provide protein whilst the mayonnaise adds fat and extra calories alongside added flavour.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How: You will really develop shaping skills with this recipe by using your hands and eye to make them look good.  You will also develop your flavouring skills if you taste the tuna mix and adjust the seasoning as you go.  You will learn that the key to this recipe falls in getting a perfect hard-boiled egg.  Look for NO green ring round the yolk – it tells you if you have cooked it perfectly.  If there is a green ring – use fresh eggs (check the date on the box) time your boiling and drop the cooked eggs into iced water immediately after the 10 min timer goes off.

Use the egg boats to carry other ingredients – pop out the egg yolk and mash it up with finely chopped spring onions and mayonnaise.  Pile it back into the hollow and top with smoked salmon strips and rocket or even humble mustard cress.