Cheese biscuits

Prep Time: 0:15
Cook Time: 0:06
sixtee: 16

Ingredients / Shopping List

100g Cheddar cheese (or any hard cheese)

25g soft butter

50g plain flour

Pinch baking powder

Mixing bowl, cheese grater, teaspoon, weighing scales, knife, food processor, baking tray, non-stick paper

Turn oven on 200⁰C / Gas Mark 6 

Line a baking tray with non-stick paper

Grate the cheese, using a fine cheese grater into the mixing bowl

Weigh flour and add to bowl

Weigh butter and add to bowl

Put everything from the bowl into a processor and blend until the mixture comes together:









Wrap dough and chill for 15 mins

Remove from fridge:

Roll into sausage shape and slice portions about 3mm thick. 

Place in rows on baking tray.  They should not spread much so they can be placed fairly close together.

Bake on non-stick paper in oven 200⁰C / Gas Mark 6 for 6 minutes – cool and remove from paper

Leave until cold - pack into snack bags and label.

Check it out!

Use up cheddar cheese or any hard cheese by saving scraps in the freezer.  Mixed cheeses works well.

If you are teaching food and want to demonstrate using a food processor then these little biscuits are made in a minute and cook quickly.  It may be possible to use the grater attachment on the processor to grate the cheese..

Try adding a pinch of spice such as cayenne to the mix to pep these nibbles up, or grind black pepper over freshly baked cheesey coins

Recipe Science

These cheesy biscuits melt in the mouth due to their fat content and small amount of flour.

Short cooking time allows the cheese to melt and release its fat which is quickly absorbed by the flour.  Butter adds flavour, a golden colour and more fat.

During cooking the hot oven crisps and browns the starch in the biscuits, and sets the protein (gluten) to help the crunchy texture.  The cheese proteins will also firm up and hold the biscuit shape.  

Crunchy, savoury and cheesy, these snack biscuits go well with salads such as apple and walnut or a juicy tomato and olive salad.  They are delicious snacks for kids and adults alike.