Scrambled Egg Snack

Prep Time: 0:05
Cook Time: 0:05
Serves: 1

Ingredients / Shopping List

2 eggs

30g butter 


Freshly ground black pepper

Toasted bagel or French stick or white sliced

Cooked bacon strip or tomato slices for veggie

Prep to Cook: Small non-stick sauce pan, jug, fork, wooden spoon or spatula

Get your serving plate out and put some toast on to cook

Crack the eggs into the jug

Add lots of freshly ground black pepper and a little pinch of salt

Whisk up with the fork, breaking up the yolks and slackening the whites

Melt the butter in the pan and pour in the eggs

Use a spatula or wooden spoon to stir the mixture as it begins to set

Keep looking at the mixture and keep stirring

Stop before the mixture over-cooks - Look for a creamy mixture

Stop whilst the mixture is moist and shiny but not slimy. 

Turn off the heat

Butter your toast

Pile the scrambled egg over the toast and top with a piece of cooked bacon

Use a tomato if you are a veggie

Eat immediately

Check it out!

Scrambled egg is a signature dish of a good cook.  Served with buttered toast or bagels scrambled egg is homely, comforting and says I care about you.

Use fresh eggs and good quality ones if you can. The secret is NOT to overcook.  Use a small non-stick pan.  I suggest you do NOT use the microwave for scrambled eggs – it is rather fierce and cooking time error is likely.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How: How could a cook manage without eggs.  They are just so amazing and the way they behave when heated gives us so many wonderful choices.  You can fry, poach, scramble and make omelettes for good nourishing and cheap meals.  Don’t underestimate the performance of making scrambled eggs, well cooked it can be a masterpiece that lingers in the memory.  Overcooked and you might as well start again.  You will guesstimate the cooking time on your first attempt and then begin to recognise how the egg coagulates and slowly begins to set.  Capture the egg before it fully sets and it will retain its moistness and creamy texture, overcook it and you will find it rubbery and hard and even watery as the egg protein shrinks due to excess cooking.  Yes, the science of the egg is amazing. Egg whites coagulate during cooking. You will be on your way to becoming a good cook if you can make and serve perfect scrambled eggs.