Mushroom Pate

Prep Time: 0:20
Cook Time: 0:10
Serves: 4

Ingredients / Shopping List

300g mushrooms ( any sort but chestnut are lovely)

50 butter

Freshly ground black pepper

2 full tsp of soy sauce

1 tsp of ‘Lea and Perrins’ Worcestershire Sauce

Salt to taste

1 tablespoon double cream

30g melted butter for the topping

Prep to Cook: Frying pan, wooden spoon, veg knife, chopping board, small dish, food processor or blender, small serving dish

Prep:  Prep the mushrooms:

Open mushrooms and remove any growing compost using either a damp piece of kitchen paper or a soft brush like a pastry brush.

Trim the stalks about half a centimetre.

Dice up the mushrooms

Season well with freshly ground black pepper

Melt the butter in a frying pan

Fast fry the mushrooms and stir them until they show signs of browning

Cook rapidly for about 4 minutes, stirring every so often

Season with the soy and Worcestershire sauce

Prep the pate:

Process the mixture to blend it up

Add a tablespoon of thick double cream (or crème fraiche)

Press the mushroom pate into a serving dish

Melt a little more butter and pour it over the top of the mushrooms

Chill for several hours

Serve with toast or mini pitta

Check it out!

Mushroom pate is light, moist and tasty.  It is a good way to use excess or ‘reduced’ mushrooms.  It is quick to make and suits vegetarians and meat eaters!

Season this pate well.  Chill in the refrigerator.  The butter glaze saves you having to serve butter.  This pate is delicious with fresh toasted brown bread.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How: You will not worry now if you have to cook for a vegetarian. Make this quick pate in the morning ready for supper.  This mushroom pate tastes every bit as good as a meaty version.  The tip is to be rather heavy handed with the seasoning and to chill it really well.  Also use butter because this helps to ‘set’ the pate.  When using the processor take care and pulse the blades by turning on and off to help the mixture become paste-like.  You could use a hand-held stick blender, but if you do, put the mushroom mixture in a deep sided jug and ‘mash’ using the stick-blender up and down  to work the mixture into a paste.  If you seem to get too much juice drain it off before putting the pate in the serving dish.  Dribble the melted butter over the surface to help seal it and to keep the pate soft, moist and fresh for longer. You will be delighted with the ease in making a lovely sharing dish.  Enjoy.