Cheese wedding cake

Prep Time: 0:00
Cook Time: 0:00
Serves: 0

Ingredients / Shopping List

1 heart shaped cheddar

1 Harlech cheese

1 Cornish blue

1 Wensleydale and Cranberry

1 Cornish Yarg

1 Lancashire Creamy

1 Brie de Meaux

Prep to Cook:  Allow cheeses to come up to room temperature


Stack the cheeses carefully.

Starting with the Brie de Meaux in the box.

Use thin cake boards between the cheeses so that when you dis-assemble the wedding cake you can cut them easily. 

Decorate with ivy or grape vine and fruits such as physallis, dates, figs, appricots and grapes.


Check it out!

A cheese wedding cake is bespoke  and can reflect the likes of the couple getting married.  It can be cut up and eaten on the day and also given as presents.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How:   Names of cheeses starting from the top down!

Mini Dewlay Heart-shaped Cheddar dipped in red wax

The Abergavenny Fine food Company. Harlech cheese with Horseradish and mustard seeds.  A mature welsh cheddar with wonderful additional flavour.

Cornish Blue, 2011 World champion cheese from Truro,  is hand made from the Cornish Cheese Company.  This award winning cheese is designed to be eaten young.

Wensleydale and Cranberry, a popular cheese.  Sweet and fruity from traditional Yorkshire origin Wensleydale is blended with succulent sweet red cranberries.

Cornish Yarg cheese from Lynhier Dairy, Truro hand wrapped in beautiful nettle leaves.  This is a semi-hard cheese made from grass rich milk and wrapped by hand with stinging nettles.

Lancashire Creamy a huge open-textured cheese from the Garstang Creamery.   Lancashire cheese has a unique starter culture which gives the cheese a taste and texture.  It is matured for 2 – 6 months, longer than Crumbly Lancashire but not as long as Tasty Lancs.  Creamy Lancs has been Winner of the Gold Medal British Cheese award 2011. Great stature and shape as the base of the cake.

Brie de Meaux is produced from unpasteurised cows’ milk.  It is creamy and full flavoured with a smooth texture from Ile de France outside Paris, and made by the Dongé family. Nine times winner of the Medaille D’Or. The box provides a rigid base layer.