Citrus Souffle

Prep Time: 0:30
Cook Time: 0:00
Makes: 8

Ingredients / Shopping List

200ml double cream

2 lemons: zest and juice

1 lime: zest and juice

100g caster sugar

4 eggs – whites and yolks separated

15ml or 1 satchet powder gelatine

Prep to Cook: 3 mixing bowls, spatula, Jug and small pan, teaspoon, Electric hand mixer, grater and plate, lemon squeezer, deep dish to serve

It is worth being very organised when making this recipe


1.  Prep the bowls:

Bowl 1:  put the double cream with the lemons zest

Bowl 2: egg yolks and caster sugar together

Bowl 3:  put egg whites into the largest bowl

2.  Prep the gelatine: Start by boiling water

Place 100ml of water in a measuring jug and then sprinkle over the gelatine

Never put the water over the gelatine!

Stand the jug in a pan and surround the jug with more boiling water

Leave to stand for 5 minutes – it seems ages but it is the best way

After 5 minutes the gelatine mixture should be crystal clear and runny

Stir it with a teaspoon and check it carefully

3.  Prep the soufflé:   Work in the three bowls 3,2 and 1

Keep the textures similar

Bowl 3: Using a hand held mixer firstly whisk the egg whites until they stand in peaks and do not slip in the bowl

Bowl 2:   Beat the egg yolks and sugar until it is really light and fluffy and pale yellow

Bowl 1:  Now plunge the mixer in the double cream and whisk it until it also stands in soft peaks – don’t over-whip the cream

Use a spatula or large spoon now and stir in the lemon juice to the egg yolk mixture

Stir in the gelatine and then alternate spoons of cream and egg whites

Mix until the bowls are all combined

Pour or spoon into serving dishes

Allow to set in the refrigerator

Decorate with cream or blueberries

Check it out!

Citrus soufflé is a light zesty mousse that is always a success – team it up with other puddings to create a trio. Make it when you want to impress and when you want to be sure that your skills will be appreciated.  Citrus can be any mixture of oranges lemons and limes. Add a teaspoon of limoncello for a luxury version.  Make at least a day in advance but decorate at the last minute.  This soufflé will freeze well and thaw overnight in the refrigerator.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How: This is exciting for a cook.  Using gelatine is special.  You can see how is sets the mixture despite the fact that it looks such a small amount.  You will remind yourself just how  citrus fruits are especially when you are zesting them. You will need to use the very fine grater to obtain just the lemon oils and the yellow colour.  You do not want ‘marmalade’ size pieces.  You will be amazed how much the egg whites expand as you whip them.  Use a clean mixing bowl for this and when you separate the yolks be sure that you do it cleanly and do not spill any yolk into the whites.  You will notice how the double cream thickens as you whip it due to the fat content of around 48%.  The end product combines all the ingredients and it should be light and delicate melt in the mouth, not at all rubbery.  It is a wonderful special dessert made with skill.