Plum Dessert pots

Prep Time: 0:20
Cook Time: 0:00
Serves: 4

Ingredients / Shopping List

500g stoned Victoria Plums
80g – 100g sugar
100ml water
1 raspberry jelly
150ml Crème Fraiche 
Toasted almonds

Prep to Cook: Pan, measuring jug, tablespoon, sieve, spatula, food processor, kettle, teaspoon. 4 x 250ml serving dishes, teaspoon



Prep:    Thaw the fruit if it is frozen and check the stones are removed.

Place the fruit into a pan and sprinkle with granulated sugar

Gently bring to the boil and stir to ensure the juices immerse the fruits.
When the fruit is soft and stewed, drain off the excess juice into a measuring jug.
Place the fruits into the food processor bowl and pulse and process for a minute.
Sieve the puree to remove the skins and retain the smooth plum purée.
Dissolve the raspberry jelly in 100ml boiling water and add the drained fruit juices.
Once the jelly is fully dissolved stir in the fruit purée and all juices. Taste.  
Adjust the sweetness if need be.  It should taste sharp.
Pour into serving dishes and place in the refrigerator to set.
Remove and spoon over the crème fraiche and top with toasted almonds
Check it out!

Last year was a good year for Victoria Plums so many people have bags of plums ready to use in their freezers.  Preparing a fruit puree and setting it makes a refreshing dessert that keeps well in the refrigerator.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How:  This recipe uses the skills of stewing, making a puree and setting with jelly as well as decoration. The fruit puree of Victoria Plums can be quite acidic and sharp and therefore decisions need to be made about how much sugar to add to achieve the desired sweetness. Anything that is eaten cold needs to be sweeter than if it were hot.  The red jelly brings out the colour of the plums.  If you have the plums from your garden this dessert is a seasonal way to serve the fruit and keep the costs down.