Chicken Papillon

Prep Time: 0:15
Cook Time: 0:35
Serves: 3

Ingredients / Shopping List

3 skinless chicken breasts
3 rashers streaky bacon
3 cloves garlic
50g  sun-dried tomatoes
I chicken stock cube
250ml water

Prep to Cook:    Sharp knife, meat board (red)  vegetable knife, chopping board, roasting dish, measuring jug.

Oven: 180ºC Gas Mark 4 35 minutes

Prep:  Use a sharp knife on a red (meat) chopping board

Slice the chicken breast from about 1 cm from the rounded end  to the tip.
Repeat the cuts to make two strips either side
Roll a sun-dried tomato to make an olive shape
Peel and trim a garlic clove
Wrap one strip of the chicken round the sundried tomato and the next round the garlic
Do the same with the remaining two chicken strips
Stretch the streaky bacon using the bade of a knife on the chopping board
Wrap it around the chicken to keep the chicken in shape.
Position each chicken papillon in the cooking dish.
Make up the stock and pour gently over the chicken papillon
Cook gently in the oven for 35 minutes
Check it out!

Chicken breasts are frequently on offer and are therefore affordable.  Here is a recipe that makes them look rather special ,  like a butterfly!

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How:  Using a knife to cut chicken breast  and then shaping them to trap some flavouring shows skill and creativity.   It is one way to make a simple choice of meat look exciting.

Cooking the chicken in some stock gently poaches it and leaves the meat tender and pale.  The colour of the fillings therefore needs to be bright.  Keep everything clean and only use a meat chopping board when cutting the chicken breast. 

This chicken can be served hot or cold.