Italian Heart Biscuits

Prep Time: 0:30
Cook Time: 0:15
Makes: 8

Ingredients / Shopping List

140g plain flour

60g ground almonds

150 butter

100g caster sugar

2 egg yolks

Teaspoon vanilla extract

Half jar good raspberry jam

Icing sugar

Non stick baking parchment paper

Prep to Cook:  Mixing bowl, knife, basin, heart shaped cutter. Flat baking tray, sieve, icing sugar shaker.

Prep: 1.  Prep the biscuit:

Turn oven on 150ºC or Gas Mark 3

In a processor or by hand rub the fat into the flour and ground almonds

Stir in the caster sugar

Separate the egg yolks from the whites ( keep the whites for meringues)

Mix the yolks with the vanilla extract

Add to the flour mix and stir until the biscuit dough is formed

Chill the dough for a few minutes

2.  Prep the oven and baking trays

Cut some baking parchment to fit a flat baking tray

Select a cutter about 10cm and a second cutter that fits into this to make a centre shape

Lay out some cling film on the table top

Put the biscuit dough on the cling film and cover with a second piece of film

Roll out thinly using the film to prevent the biscuit dough sticking

Cut circles and lay on one baking tray

Cut a matching set of circles and place on second baking tray

Use the small cutter to take out a shape from the top biscuit

Keep re-rolling the dough and making the two layers of the biscuits

Cook gently until the biscuits are crisp

Allow about 12 – 15 minutes

3.  Prep the layers:

Cool the biscuits

Stir the raspberry jam to make it soft and spreadable

To serve them – cover the base with a thin layer of raspberry jam

4:  Prep to use:

Sieve icing sugar over the biscuits with the hole

Place this biscuit over the jam.


Check it out!

Italian heart biscuits layer up with jam and can be served with coffee when you want to impress or use them as a dessert when you add some fresh raspberries. They are special.

Change the shape of the cut out as you want and also try different jam or lemon curd

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How: This recipe requires skill.  When you make the biscuit dough and roll it thinly it is tricky to handle.  When you cook the biscuits they are crisp and light and may even snap!  However, the thinner you roll them the better they are to eat so it is worth persevering. All in all the layering is fiddly; make sure you get the jam right up to the edge of the base biscuit but not dribbling over the edge.  The final dusting of the top biscuit with icing sugar is carried out over a cooling tray and the sugared biscuit lifted carefully into position.  Serve them on a beautiful plate and get your own reward in just looking at them.   The attention to detail is worth it.  Well done, try them again.