Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Prep Time: 0:15
Cook Time: 0:40
Serves: 12

Ingredients / Shopping List

200g soft margarine

160g white plain flour

350g mix of soft brown sugar and golden caster (about half and half)

60g or  2 heaped tablespoons cocoa powder

Pinch salt

4 med eggs

2 tsp vanilla extract (or vanilla from 1 pod)

150g roughly crushed walnuts (optional )

Prep to Cook:  Prepare a cooking tin 20cm square or round (or one similar to small roasting tin about 30cm by 20cm)

Line it with non stick parchment paper, mixing bowl, spatula, sieve, tablespoon, hand-held mixer.


Prep the brownie mix:

In a large mixing bowl:

Beat the soft margarine and eggs, vanilla and sugar using the hand held mixer

Look for a smooth fluffy pale mixture then stop using the mixer

Sift the flour and cocoa together as this is important to prevent lumps

Stir in the flour using a spatula until thoroughly mixed and soft

Put the walnuts into a polythene bag

Crushed with a rolling pin until they are ‘knobbly pieces’

Stir into the cake mixture which should look rich chocolate brown

Pour into the cooking tin and level out with a spatula or knife

Cook gently at 180ºC or Gas Mark 4 middle of oven for 40 minutes

(You could use the microwave oven – but set it for gentle baking and cook for 20 minutes)

Look at the cake to see if it is wobbly in centre area but not glossy!

Remove from the oven and leave to cool in the tin

Cut into wedges to serve and store remainder in a tin 

Check it out!

Chocolate fudge brownie will become favourite that is quick to make and keeps for up to a week. It can be a cake slice or warmed as a pudding.  Whichever way it never lasts for long!

This recipe is high energy, high calories from the extra sugar and margarine.  A definite luxury.  Eat it after sport or as a treat. 


Recipe Science

Cooks Know How:  You will be able to stir up a quick delicious cake.  You will understand the strength of chocolate flavour that comes from cocoa powder as opposed to drinking chocolate. You can see that the large amount of sugar in this recipe makes it ‘fudgy’ and helps it keep well. The plain flour used has no raising agents and therefore the cake stays flat making it ideal for a topping.  The eggs add goodness and lighten the cake.  It is a simple ‘cream, mix and stir’ recipe that helps you experience success and immediate gratification from the smell of baking.  You will be popular and busy – everyone will want you to make this.  Main tip is NOT to overcook it!

Cake provides calories and energy in the diet and in this case cocoa also add a little iron as does the egg yolk.  Some protein is supplied by the eggs.