Veggie Rolls

Prep Time: 0:30
Cook Time: 0:25
Serves: 4

Ingredients / Shopping List

3 sweet potato
150g cashew nuts
50g roasted peanuts
200g chickpeas
2 tblsp soya beans
2 leeks
Salt and freshly ground pepper
1 tsp paprika
50g butter
1 egg for glaze
I pkt butter Puff pastry

Prep to Cook:   Pan, colander, frying pan, chopping board, vegetable knife, cling film, mixing bowl, rolling pin, flat baking sheet, basin, pastry brush

Oven for cooking: 210⁰C or Gas Mark 7 


Prep:   Prepare the filling: peel and chop the sweet potato in even sized chunks.Put into pan with water and boil for 15 mins then drain and roughly mash.

Wash the ends of the leek and trim off excess green. Slice into rings about half a centimetre thick and fry in the butter until soft.
Add the cashew nuts, peanuts and soya beans.
Add the seasonings of paprika, salt and pepper and taste.  Adjust in needed.
Put in a bowl and refrigerate
Make the rolls:  Remove the packaging from the pastry.
Unroll the pastry and roll it even thinner.
Take the filling from the refrigerator and shape it into a fat sausage shape on cling film.
Make the shape the right length for the pastry.
Position the filling on the pastry and carefully remove the clingfilm.
Crack the egg into a basin and whisk lightly.
Using a pastry brush, brush one end of the pastry.
Fold the pastry over the filling and roll the whole roll on top of the egg glaze seal
Shape the roll to make it even and the ends neat.
Slice into 4 huge rolls and place gently on a baking tray
Cook: put in the oven at 210⁰C or Gas Mark 7
Cook until golden brown and crisp.  Leave until cooled on the baking tray then lift off and serve with salads of your choice.
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Make these veggie rolls in two stages.  First prepare the filling so that you can store it in the fridge and get it really cold, then make the rolls and cook them.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How:  Creating a veggie filling for rolls is about ensuring good flavour and texture and enough bulk to hold the pastry. The man skills are preparation of the filling and the shaping and forming of the rolls followed by glazing and finishing the rolls The main filler is the crushed, boiled sweet potato (or substitute white potato mash), which needs some tasty additions.  Fry off the leeks without browning them to soften them and bring out their flavours.  Add protein by using the nuts, chickpeas and soya beans.  Season well with salt and pepper and taste this mixture.  Leaving this mix to chill in the shape of two fat rolls will firm it up and make it easier to handle and wrap with pastry.  This mix is cooked and safe.

Making the rolls simply requires pastry to be rolled out thinly.  Make and egg glaze and position the veggie rolls on the pastry.  Cut the pastry to allow each veggie roll to be wrapped and brush the edge of the pastry to secure a join underneath.
Glaze the top of the pastry with the egg wash to give it a shiny glaze and golden colour.
Decoration of the pastry can be by using the pointed end of a knife to create diagonal cuts across the top of the pastry rolls.
Cooking in a hot oven makes the pastry crisp and firm so that it holds the filling.