Salmon Fishcakes

Prep Time: 0:20
Cook Time: 0:10
Serves: 4

Ingredients / Shopping List

250g cold mashed potato
50g Goats cheese
300g cooked salmon
50g smoked salmon
1 tblsp mayo
Salt and pepper
1 small egg
50g plain flour
1 lemon
Oil for frying 

Prep to Cook:  Mixing bowl, 2 forks, tablespoon, large serving spoon, cereal bowl, frying pan, baking tray, shallow bowl, non stick paper, frying pan, fish slice

Prep:  Flake up the mashed potato in a large mixing bowl

Add the skinned poached salmon pieces flaked up with fingertips
Dice the smoked salmon and add.
In a basin, mix the goats cheese, mayo and beaten egg
Pour over the potato mixture and use two forks to gently mix everything
Use a large serving spoon to get a portion of fishcake mix and shape it gently
Slide into a shallow bowl with some plain flour
Turn the fishcake over to coat both sides in flour.
Remove and place on non stick paper.  
Chill for 30 minutes if possible
Heat oil in a frying pan until hot
Put in the fish cakes and fry until brown on one side and then the other
Lift onto kitchen paper and drain excess oil
Serve hot with lemon wedge and dressed salad.



Check it out!

Fishcakes are the perfect plan-ahead meal. Prepare extra mashed potato earlier in the week and save it in the fridge.  Similarly poach salmon gently wrapped in foil with a little lemon.  Assemble these fish cakes in advance and chill them.  On the day cook and serve them straight from the frying pan with sour cream and chives, tomato salsa and tossed green salad.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How:  Most of the skills for fishcakes are done in advance because you boil and mash the potatoes, poach the salmon, mix, shape and coat the fishcakes. When you finally fry them off it is all about getting a crisp and golden surface and reheating the inside.  Turn the fishcakes over carefully so they do not fall apart. Fishcakes are a healthy nutritional choice.