Melon Fruit Basket

Prep Time: 0:25
Cook Time: 0:00
Serves: 4

Ingredients / Shopping List

1 ripe melon

100g green grapes

Fresh apricots or strawberries

1 orange

Other fruits of your choice

Prep to Cook: Mixing bowl, veg knife, French cooks knife, chopping board, large spoon

Prep: Prep the melon:

Place melon on the chopping board and shave off a wafer of skin to allow the basket to sit without wobbling when it is complete

Imagine putting an elastic band round the melon to mark the cutting line

Take the pointed veg knife because this will only penetrate half way through the melon

Cut following that imaginary line using the point of the veg knife to make a ‘W’ mark

Keep making more ‘W’ cuts as you move round the cutting line

When you reach the first cuts you made you can gently ease the melon apart

Prep the basket and handle:

Scoop out the pips using a large spoon.  Select the half you want to be the basket

And scoop out the melon flesh with a spoon and chop if into bite size pieces

Put this into the mixing bowl

Take the other half and put it ‘W’ cut side down on the chopping board

Using the French cooks knife (longer blade) cut the melon across twice to make a handle.  Remove the melon flesh and chop it up.  Add to mixing bowl.

The remaining melon sections can also have the flesh cut away and diced

You should now have the melon basket bowl, the handle, the flesh chopped up

Prep the other fruits:

Cut the peel from the orange then slice and dice the orange into cubes

Cut the apricots in half, remove the stones and slice the fruit into pieces

Slice the grapes into halves – removing any large pips

Cut any other fruits you want to add into smaller portions

Mix all the fruit in the mixing bowl

Pile it into the melon basket base

Position the handle and decorate the basket with fresh mint or similar

Chill for an hour in the refrigerator

Check it out!

Melon basket is retro and creative and delivers on impact for that special occasion. Make it when melons are in season and enjoy the juicy fresh flavours of mixed fruits.

As you cut the melon in half think to make your knife follow a ‘W’ and then an ‘M’ pattern to get the lovely edge.  If you want it easier just cut the melon in half with a straight line.  It will still look good. Use cocktail sticks to secure the handle in place if you need to.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How: Using fresh fruits to make great desserts has always been part of a cooks’ repertoire.  It can be as skilled as you want it to be.  You will use your knife skilfully and need to think about what you are aiming to do.  Select your melon carefully.  Lift the melon and gently press the ends where the stalk would have been.  If is flexes then the melon is ripe if it is rock hard then the melon will be rock hard too.  You will notice how ripe the melon is as you cut.  You will also see how much juice comes from the fruit flesh.  Work on a board so that you can drain the juice into the mixing bowl.  You will feel satisfaction from your carving and your fruit basket should look amazing.