Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies

Prep Time: 0:10
Cook Time: 0:30
Makes: 8

Ingredients / Shopping List

2 eggs

150g caster sugar

80g plain choc

80g milk or white choc

60g butter

100g gluten free SR flour

50g walnut pieces

25 g choc chips

Prep to Cook: Food mixer, bowl, basin, small pan, spatula, 20 cm square cake tin 

Cake tin, baking parchment

Prep: Line the base of the cake tin with a piece of baking parchment cut to size

Prep choc mix: 

In a basin placed over hot water: combine plain chocolate, milk chocolate and butter

Heat the water in the pan to boil and then turn off

Allow the chocolate and butter to melt

Prep the cake:

Put walnuts into a polythene bag and use a rolling pin to crush them into smaller pieces.

Break eggs into large mixing bowl

Add caster sugar

Whisk with mixer on full speed for two minutes until thick and frothy.

Now add two spoons of the chocolate mixture to the froth and gently stir before adding the remaining chocolate

Add the sieved flour and cafrefuly stir until thoroughly combined.

Stir in crushed walnut pieces

Pour into lined cake tin

Sprinkle with chocolate chips

Cook in a moderate oven 180ºC or Gas mark 4 for 30 minutes

Check it out!

Got friends and colleagues with gluten intolerance?  Make a sweet treat for them to enjoy.  Walnut and chocolate brownies are light, tasty and easy to bake.

Gluten intolerance means not using wheat based flour and therefore substituting the usual SR flour for gluten free white SR flour.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How: This recipe is created by the whisking method and the melting method.  Firstly the egg is whisked with the caster sugar.  The foam that is created is important for the texture of the cake so do not shorten the whisking period. The melting method allows combining of the melted chocolate and butter to add flavour and colour. Carefully add the melted mixture to the egg and sugar foam.  Do not over stir as the air in the mixture will be reduced. Gentle cooking helps the mixture to set and rise a little.  Sprinkling the chocolate on the top aids a crusty topping to the cakes so there is no need to decorate it further.