Lamb Pilaff

Prep Time: 0:15
Cook Time: 0:30
Serves: 4

Ingredients / Shopping List

2 tblsp rapeseed oil
100g onion
1 fennel bulb
400g lamb cutlets
2 -3 tsp garam masala
1 tsp ground turmeric
Mint leaves and sprig of rosemary
250g long grain rice
40g frozen peas
600ml chicken stock
1 tsp fresh mint
Sea salt
Black pepper

Prep to Cook:  Cast iron dish or skillet, measuring jug, long handled spoon, vegetable knife, chopping board, teaspoon, tablespoon

Prep:  Dice the onion finely

Add oil to the skillet, heat it up and add the chopped onions
Dice up the lamb and add that to the onion and stir
Slice the fennel and add
Make the stock with boilingwater
Add the fresh mint, garam masala and turmeric
Add the rice to the pan and stir until it is all coated
Stir in the stock and stir until the mixture simmers
Reduce the heat and allow the rice and lamb to cook through
Test the rice at intervals. Add a litle more stock if needed.
Add peas after about 20 minutes
Serve piping hot with crème fraiche 
Check it out!

Making an all-in-one meal should include ingredients from all the food groups. (See Eatwell plate)  Lamb Pilaff is a tasty light meal that can be extended by serving with salad or veggislaw or flatbread.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How:  A pilaff needs to have good flavour.  It is a rice dish cooked in stock with added ingredients of meat and vegetables. The spices, turmeric and garam masala add flavour and also colour the rice.  The vegetables, onions, peas and fennel add flavours and balance the meal to make it a healthy choice.  Lamb is a red meat that absorbs flavour easily and adds protein and the mineral iron to the diet.  Long grain rice absorbs the juices and takes on the flavour in the pan.  During the cooking time the rice swells and softens making the starchy carbohydrate digestible. The portions of meat are tenderised in the moist cooking medium, shrinking slightly and taking up spicy flavours.  The vegetables soften as the cellulose breaks down during the cooking.