Lemon Swiss Roll

Prep Time: 0:12
Cook Time: 0:12
Makes: 1

Ingredients / Shopping List

3 large eggs

100g caster sugar

100g plain flour

Zest of 1 lemon

2 tablespoons lemon curd

50g Icing sugar

Lemon juice

Lemon slices for decoration


Prep to Cook:  Swiss roll tray, non-stick baking parchment, hand-held mixer, mixing bowl, spatula, sieve, tablespoon, knife, sheet non-stick parchment, caster sugar shaker.

Oven: 200ºC or Gas Mark 6

Prep:  Line the swiss roll tray with a sheet of non-stick parchment

Break the eggs into the mixing bowl

Add the caster sugar

Whisk with the hand-held mixer on high for about 3 minutes

Check you have about half a bowl of thick frothy eggy mixture

Carefully sift the flour over the eggs

Gently fold in the flour

Pour it into the prepared cooking tray.

Tilt the tray to allow the mixture to spread to the corners of the tin.  Do not spread it.

Cook for 12 -14 minutes until risen and golden and bouncy

Immediately tip out onto a sugared piece of non-stick paper

Trim off all the edges.

Spread the cake with lemon curd

Roll from one end to the other and stop when the end is trapped underneath

Move onto the serving plate

Mix icing sugar with boiled water and a drop of lemon juice

Drizzle it over the roll and decorate with fresh lemons


Check it out!


Lemon roll makes a good cake but also a light dessert if you serve a slice with fresh mango and ice-cream or sorbet.  Although high in sugar this cake is very low in fat.



Recipe Science

Cooks Know How:   Lemon swiss roll is made using the ’whisking method.’  It relies on the incorporation of air into the eggs to make it rise.  The eggs must be whisked until they are pale, thick and frothy.  Sift the flour gently over the top of the froth and fold it in carefully and lightly.  The aim is not to reduce the volume by damaging the bubbly foam.  Cooking makes the air bubbles expand before the proteins in the eggs set or coagulate.  The flour protein, gluten, also helps set the cake.  The starch in the flour aids the stabilising of the egg foam as it cooks.  Finally the caster sugar caramelises in the oven and turns the cake golden brown.  The cake has no added fat ingredient and because of that it does not keep well.  It should be eaten on the day it is made.