Strawberry Macaroon Dessert

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Cook Time: 0:00
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Ingredients / Shopping List

4 macaroon biscuits
250g English strawberries
125g strawberry yoghurt
3 leaves gelatine
50ml water
200g crème fraiche
2 tablespoon strawberry jam
150 ml double cream

Prep to Cook:    4 serving glasses, jug, tablespoon, vegetable knife and chopping board, spatula, kettle, basin, teaspoon, fine sieve, cup



Place the gelatine sheets into cold water in a basin or measuring jug.  Allow to soften for 10 minutes.

Mix the crème fraiche with the strawberry yoghurt in a basin
Boil the kettle.
Take the softened gelatine sheets and put them into 100ml boiling water.
Leave to stand until the solution is clear and the gelatine dissolves.
Hull the strawberries and then slice and dice.
Crush or break the macaroons into small pieces and place into base of glasses.
Sieve the strawberry jam into a cup.
Drop some of the jam in with the macaroons and keep a little for decoration.
Add the gelatine mixture to the crème fraich and yoghurt and stir well.
Put the diced strawberries over the macaroon layer in the serving glasses
Press down with the back of a teaspoon to level out the top.
Pour the gelatine mixture over the strawberries and fill the glasses to the top.
Chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours or longer.
Serve the glasses decorated with cream, fruit and strawberry jam glaze.


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Fresh strawberries proved excellent amounts of vitamin C and should be eaten regularly when they are in season.  Jam with matching flavour to the fruit makes a sweet and colourful glaze.
Recipe Science

Cooks Know How:  Using gelatine leaves can be scary.  Remember to soften the leaves first and then let them dissolve in freshly boiled water.  Check the mixture is clear before you add it to the other ingredients.  Making a set mixture requires some chilling time so make space in the refrigerator.  These desserts look special and make the most of seasonal fruits.  Chopping, mixing, blending and chilling allows for a creative approach so make the most of serving dishes to add value to this dessert.