Chicken Breast Roulade

Prep Time: 0:15
Cook Time: 0:45
Serves: 4

Ingredients / Shopping List

400g chicken breast (skinless)

150g sundried tomatoes

1 lemon zest only

2 grated garlic cloves

Fresh basil leaves

200g garlic and herb cheese

Seasoning salt and freshly ground black pepper

Prep to Cook: Cling film pieces overlapped and brushed with oil (from the sun dried tomatoes), sharp knife, boiled water in kettle, oblong cooking dish, foil to cover


Prep the chicken:

Lay out the chicken breasts and slice them into three thinner slices

Lay them onto the oiled cling film to create an even thickness layer of chicken meat

Make the chicken form an A4 oblong shape

Sprinkle seasoning over the chicken

Grate some lemon zest over the chicken

Sprinkle over freshly grated garlic

Prep the roulade:

Drain and lay the sun dried tomatoes over the chicken

Then place the basil leaves over the tomatoes

Add the herb and garlic cheese to make a strip down the centre of the chicken

Use the cling film to pull the chicken into a sausage shape.  Overlap the cling film to secure the shape, twisting the ends to firm it up

Prep to cook:

Place the chicken roulade into a cooking dish and surround it with freshly boiled water

Use enough water to immerse about half way up the chicken

Cover the dish with foil and seal the edges

Put into the pre-heated oven (190ºC Gas Mark 5) Cook for 45 minutes

Remove and drain off the water

Allow to stand and firm up before carving to eat warm or chill in refrigerator for serving next day as part of a cold platter

Check it out!

Poached Chicken Roulade is a gentle way of cooking chicken breast that gives glorious flavour whilst retaining a delicate texture.  Sliced cold it looks as though you could never have made it yourself – but you can!

This method relies on poaching the chicken and therefore it keeps the meat tender.  If the roulade is chilled it will slice thinly, taste delicious and look colourful.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How: Chicken is such an affordable product and in this case it is cooked in a different way, by poaching rather than roasting.  You will be pleased with the speed in which you can create this meat dish.  You will use your knife with skill to slice the chicken breasts. You can then arrange those slices to form the base of the roulade.  Once you have done that the adding flavour is the name of the game and using lemon zest and grated garlic and seasoning is very therapeutic.  Finally, you place a central section of herb and garlic  cheese bedded onto fresh basil leaves.  You will feel very hands on and creative as you roll the chicken to form a sausage shape and secure the ends firmly by twisting.  I would be surprised if you do not feel this is really a rather special way of cooking chicken.