Chocolate Tartlette

Prep Time: 0:20
Cook Time: 0:35
Serves: 6

Ingredients / Shopping List


120g plain flour

50g caster sugar

100g butter:


110g plain chocolate

150ml  double cream

1 397g can condensed milk

2 eggs


1 tsp rum

Prep to Cook: flan tin with removable base, parchment paper, baking beans, mixing bowl, spatula, mixing bowl, pan, spatula, teaspoon, hand-held mixer


Flan Pastry

Turn oven on 190ºC or Gas Mark 5

Sieve flour and sugar into a mixing bowl

Rub in the butter until the mixture become like a paste.

Roll on floured table top until thin

Lift into the flan tin and press lightly round the edges.

Cover with parchment and press into the pastry particularly in the corners

Bake in the oven for 20 minutes then cool

Prep the filling:

Place mixing bowl over a pan of water and bring to the boil

Break the chocolate into the bowl and turn off the heat to let the chocolate melt gently

Open the condensed milk and add to the chocolate

Warm very gently then turn off the heat

Whisk the eggs until they are pale and frothy

Pour the egg froth into the warm chocolate milk and cream mixture 

Pour into the pastry case and cook at 170ºC Gas Mark 3 for 15 minutes and turn off the oven.  Leave the flan to cool in the oven.

Chill for refrigerator for 2 hours.

Slice and serve with ice-cream or creme fraiche.

Check it out!

An affordable chocolate tart that can be made in advance and sliced into portions to serve.  

You can make a biscuit crumb pastry case if you wish instead of the pastry.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How: Making rich shortcrust pasty is quite difficult because of the high proportion of fat to flour.  The sugar adds sweetness and on cooking assists in making the pastry crisp and golden.  Cooking also aids the golden colour and makes a pastry that is firm enough to carry the filling.   

Once the flan base is prepared and cooked the filling is the easy part.  Melting mixing and whisking are the skills needed to ensure all the ingredients combine thoroughly.  Baking gently will coagulate the eggs and make a firm filling.  It may appear wobbly whilst hot but it will set on chilling.