Soft-boiled Chorizo Scotch Eggs

Prep Time: 0:30
Cook Time: 0:10
Makes: 4

Ingredients / Shopping List

400g chorizo and pork sausages

4 eggs

2 tablespoons flour

2 eggs beaten

100g fresh white breadcrumbs

Oil for frying

Prep to Cook: small pan, basin, sharp knife, cling film, shallow bowl, fork

Prep: Submerge the eggs in hand hot water and bring to the boil.  

As soon as they rattle in the pan time them for 4.30 mins (very accurate)

Drain them and plunge the eggs into a bowl of iced water with extra ice cubes

Now skin the chorizio sausage using a sharp knife to slit the casing and then peel it off.

Divide the sausage meat into four portions. 

Take a piece of cling film and place sausage meat on it centrally.

Cover with a second piece of cling film and flatten into a shape like a coffee cup saucer.

Repeat this with each portion of sausage meat and leave on one side.

Shell the eggs carefully making sure all the shell is removed then rinse with cold water. 

Roll the egg in a little flour and place egg onto sausage meat.

Place the cling film with sausage and egg into the palm of your hand.

Work sausage meat round the egg to give an even coating.  Screw the cling film tightly 

Put into the fridge and leave for 30 minutes

Prep the coating for the eggs:

Put the beaten eggs in a shallow dish

Put breadcrumbs into another shallow dish

Have a further dish to hold the finished eggs

Be organised!

Coating of scotch eggs:

Peel the cling film from the sausage coated egg

Gently roll the scotch egg in the egg mix

Transfer to the breadcrumbs and roll until breadcrumbs cling all over

Transfer to a pre-frying plate.  

Repeat until each Scotch egg is egg coated and bread-crumbed


Heat the oil until about 190C

Fry the scotch eggs gently for 6 mins in all.

Roll them over to cook all sides.

Remove and drain on kitchen paper to catch excess oil.

Serve warm or cold with a pickle of your choice.

Check it out!

Soft boiled Chorizo Scotch eggs – a deli dish worth persevering to get it right!

Soft boil scotch eggs are in a league of their own.  They almost need to be made especially for the person eating them.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How: Many skills such as boiling, flavouring, shaping, coating, breadcrumbing and frying are used when making Scotch eggs.  I would say it is quite a challenge to get the egg yolk runny and everything else cooked.

 Firstly then soft boil the fresh eggs.  Fresh so that you avoid a green layer forming round the yolk.  To stop the eggs cooking plunge them into ice cold water. Peel off the shell and coat the eggs gently but firmly with an even layer of sausage before chilling to firm up the shape.  

The raw beaten egg forms a crisp and protective coating round the Scotch egg and holds the breadcrumbs in place. After coating comes a gentle deep fry.  Oil at 190C will brown and crisp the egg coating at the same time as cooking the thin layer of sausage meat. Remove and drain off excess oil.