Krispie Pud Bites

Prep Time: 0:40
Cook Time: 0:10
Makes: 20

Ingredients / Shopping List

150g milk chocolate

150g plain chocolate

30g butter

30g golden syrup

70g rice krispies

50 sweet sized paper cases

150g icing sugar

Ready-made decorations

Prep to Cook: Pan, large mixing bowl, teaspoon, sweet sized paper cases, polythene bag, scissors, basin, spoon and sieve.

Prep: 1.  Prep the choco mix:

Tap the chocolate whilst wrapped to break it into smaller pieces

Tip into a mixing bowl

Place the mixing bowl over a pan of boiling water – turn off cooker

Add butter and syrup and wait for 5 minutes

Place the sweet cases out ready

When 5 minutes is up stir the mixture

2. Prep the pudding shapes:

Tip in the krispies and stir well until they are all dark and covered

Spoon a little pile of this mix into each paper case – fiddly but fun

Allow to cool.

3.  Prep the icing:

Make up icing with boiled water until it is soft and thick

Put this icing in a strong polythene bag and snip off the corner

Squirt the icing over the krispie puddings

Place the decoration on the top

Check it out!

Krispie Pud bites are fun to make and bring back the feel for home-made food presents.  They make a sweet and pretty accompaniment to a cup of coffee or if they are made larger, using fairy cake cases, a seasonal indulgence that costs little. Take a box to the office to test them out!

You can use cocoa pops for this.  It is gluten free and a chocolatey feast that is so simple to make.

Recipe Science

Cooks Know How: This recipe really demonstrates melting and the amazing technology involved in chocolate making.  You will see how fluid it is whilst hot and how is set hard when cold to hold the extra ingredients that you put in. You will probably make these to share and will reap rewards through the speed at which these little bites will disappear.  You might even enjoy sharing the making of a big batch of these if you double the recipe and remember to have big storage containers on hand.  If money is tight they make a special present if presented in a funky container and your effort is worth far more than money!