Bury Market

If you are a foodie and can get to Lancashire it is a must visit this venue.

On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays Bury town centre boasts over 500 retailers and Bury Market is known as a destination market. In the centre of the market is a fish and meat hall, called the Plaza, which is a modern, hygienic, market building. Take a look at some on my photos:

Glorious boxes of greens nestle next to white onions, red onions, bulging garlic and other vegetables.

Bury Market offers traditional values, modern shopping and inexpensive parking. Every year Bury Market attracts hundreds of thousands of shoppers drawn by the many bargains and sheer variety that can be found there.

Black puddings locally made and of exceptional quality. I immediately thought of Scotch eggs made with soft centres and black pudding enriched sausage coating, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried off until crisp and golden. Black puddings were on my list and I purchased them with excitement.

Chorley cakes, Eccles cakes, oven bottoms, muffins and home-made cakes were all on sale. There is nothing quite like a buttered Chorley cake and a cuppa apart that is, from a warm Eccles cake.  Take your choice both will delight.

Cheeses such as Lancashire Mild, Lancashire Creamy, Lancashire Tasty and some Lancashire cheese with fried onions! There were also some interesting blue cheeses. I bought Blacksticks blue, Butlers farmhouse cheese made at the Wilson Fields, Lancashire.

Bury Market has been voted a "Top Ten UK food market". It is a popular destination with many U.K. coach companies and has gained the reputation of 'Bury's World Famous Market' from the many customers all over the world who keep coming back to visit.

Fish and shellfish abounded, just look at the colours! My memories of potting shrimps came flooding back, a quart of shrimps bought in little cone shaped bags and then cooked in farmhouse salted butter.  Fleetwood fish and Morecombe Bay prawns, what a treat.

Meats and poultry looked top quality and represented some regional and seasonal choices.

It was a good trip, a brilliant market with such friendly people.

Thanks Bury Market!!